Data Refuge Stories

Data Refuge launched November 2016 in Philadelphia to draw attention to how climate denial endangers federal environmental data. With the help of thousands of civic partners and volunteers, the project has rapidly spread to over fifty cities and towns across the country. Now, Data Refuge is building a storybank to document how data lives in the world – and how it connects people, places, and non-human species. Find out more about Data Stories from Data Refuge.

With a grant from the National Geographic Society, the Storytelling Builds Data Refuge project sustains the bucket brigades of Data Rescuers' efforts to preserve existing federal climate and environmental data by documenting how that data is put to work in local communities. 

We’ve developed some storytelling tools to engage a variety of publics throughout Philadelphia to ask about the data they rely on, and the kinds of data that they wish they had. Check out our storybank to learn more about the data stories that collaborators have shared so far!

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In collaboration with archivists, librarians, activists, journalists, and artists, we will continue to document data stories across the nation. Then, we will meet at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. for a two-day meeting on national data stories. In addition to talks and collective storytelling, an art installation on art and the ecologies of data will be on display.