Patricia Eunji Kim is a PhD Candidate in the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania, where she specializes in the art and archaeology of the late Classical and Hellenistic Greek worlds. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley in Near Eastern Archaeology and the History of Art. 

At Penn, her main interests include representations of gender and the body, issues of cross-cultural interaction in the Middle East and Central Asia, dynastic and royal art, as well as cultural heritage and the environmental humanities. Her dissertation, "Embodying Femininity and Engendering Power in Greek Dynastic Art (5th-1st c BCE)," considers these issues through fresh perspectives. 

She was also a 2015-16 graduate fellow and currently the Program Coordinator of the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH). As a fellow, she helped develop the Eastwick Oral History Project and was the lead curator of Date/um, a riverine archive and mobile installation. She is one of the co-organizers of DataRefuge and its DataRescue Philly event. 

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